Tuesday, August 03, 2004

needed - a website with links to all MB golf courses!

Every week during golfing season, I spend time on the Internet trying to figure out where to golf. There are a lot of websites that list many if not most of the golf courses in Manitoba, but there simply isn't one site that lists all the websites for all the courses.

Here are some links to other courses I hope to play this year.
Lake of the Sandhills Golf Course. This opened in 2002 and is will apparently be regarded as a must-play course, according to writer Tim Campbell.
Hecla Golf Course, rated #1 in Manitoba.
Falcon Lake Golf Course, rated # 2 in Manitoba.
Clear Lake Golf Course
Pinawa Golf Course. My home course, and a real challenge.
Steinbach Fly-In Club
Pleasant Valley (in Belmont)
Bridges (in Starbuck)
La Verendrye (in La Broquerie)

Courses I've played this year:
Netley Creek
John Blumberg
Scotswood Links (in Elm Creek)
South Interlake
Rat River (in St. Pierre- Jolys
Windsor Park
Minnewasta (Morden)
River Oaks

It's being universally panned by critics and ordinary folks alike, but it's the number one film out this week. Here's a spoiler about The Village. I'll wait for it to appear at Shell for $1.

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