Friday, February 11, 2005

writers/ readers/ commenters wanted - is a website that I write for. Throughout the day, they send offers to receive copies of DVDs, CDs, books, movie tickets, interviews, etc., to members of the mailing list. Absolutely anyone is allowed to post comments on the reviews and sometimes, great discussions ensue. They had a brief computer crash, but are back up and running. They have approximately 700 writers.

Their front page changes almost hourly as new posts pop up. They also have listings of their most commented on posts, to see what topics are hot.

What's unique about the site is that all the postings contain item graphics and links directly to the same items on As people click on an item on the Blogcritics site and end up buying anything, any item at all on, Blogcritics. org gets a small fee which helps to pay for webhosting, etc.

There are hundreds of writers who contribute to the site. Some are professional writers while others are amaeurs like myself.

Join! For those who enjoy writing, Blogcritics is always looking for people to write for them. The basic idea is that you write reviews and post them on your blog, then cut and paste them on Also, you can write reviews of pretty much anything that you want - you don't have to restrict reviews to items that Blogcritcs have offered up for review.

Here's one of our master posts about the upcoming Oscars.

The idea behind the siteAwards Season: Oscars, Grammys, Golden Globes, Rock Hall, et al.

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