Sunday, March 27, 2005

film: Hitch

Hitch 3/5

My expectations were exceeded by this film.

Will Smith plays the date doctor, a low-key consultant who helps guys make all the right moves on the women they are in love with.

Eva Mendes plays a NYC gossip columnist. One of her good friends gets used and quickly dumped by a smooth talker who was just looking for a quick roll in the hay. At the same time, she ends up dating a charming new guy, who she discovers is somehow tied to either young, rich, single, socialite Allegra Cole or her mysterious date.

Two stories end up crossing and you have the making of an interesting film. Here's how they could have made this film better. Instead of trying to make unrealistic goofs out of some of the characters, tone it down and make them seem more real. Such directing is the reason why the Paul Giametti character succeeded so well in Sideways whereas the Kevin James character in Hitch is entirely derivative and forgettable. They made the heiress Allegra character seem real, warts and all. She isn't the plastic, overly confident icon that we assume she is. While attractive, she isn't flawless.

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