Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Roxy Music reforms with Brian Eno; new album & tour?

This sounds like a hoax, the part about Brian Eno re-joining Brian Eno. When Roxy reformed in 2001, he slagged the reunion as a money grab, like most other reunions. Now, four years later, he rejoins them to record a new album, and tour? There is a lack of collaborating evidence on the 'Net.

The heavily influential UK pop-art rock band Roxy Music have reformed to record their first album since 1983. On Saturday morning, guitarist Phil Manzanera's web site carried the following paragraph:

"...the news that will get Roxy fans abuzzing was the official confirmation that the band are in the studio working on highly anticipated new material, their first since no. 1 album Avalon. More details are to be announced."

Later in the day, that paragraph mysteriously disappeared. Sorry Phil, but you can't put that particular cat back in the bag! The project marks the first time Brian Eno has worked with Roxy Music since 1973's For your Pleasure and will be the first album Roxy Music have recorded since Avalon twenty-two years ago.

Roxy Music have also announced that they will return to the stage for a long-awaited live performance at this year's Isle of Wight Festival on Saturday, June 11.

Phil Manzanera:

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