Friday, July 01, 2005

Minnewasta and Bridges Golf Courses

Last Friday, three of us drove an hour to play Minnewasta Golf Course in Morden, Manitoba, one of the best public courses you can play. A couple of days ago, the golf course was shown on TV as having lots of causal water due to all the rain that we've had lately.

Unfortunately, it turned out to be a very windy day. My tee shot on number one went high and then left to right and landed up in the hills. We never found it. The second hole is a par five. I deliberately aimed left, knowing that my ball would again travel left to right. It did just that but ended up about 10 feet into the farmer's field. The grass was really high and we never did find the ball.

Minnewasta's number 9 green

Apart from that, I one-putted several greens. They were in really nice shape. Still, I ended up shooting a 107. I know I could have broken 100 if the wind was a bit tamer.

The next day, I got up uncharacteristically early - before 6 - for a trip to Bridges Golf Course. My playing partner and I met for breakfast and then we were paired up with two guys from Bristol Aerospace. Our third was in a car accident earlier in the week and couldn't make it. I was the only one who had played Bridges before. The other two guys were good, patient golfers, taking their time, especially on the putting green. They putted really well, but in no time, the marshall warned us that we were two holes behind schedule.

the Bridges pro shop

We ended up letting a few groups play through. I really hate slow players in front of us and players behind, waiting on us. Couple that with the torrential mosquitoes, and I ended up having a bad round and not a heck of a lot of fun. Bridges is a magnificent, challenging, beautiful golf course, quite possibly my favorite place to play. But, it is even more fun when there are no bugs in the spring!

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