Tuesday, December 27, 2005

film - The Producers

2 / 5

The lead up to the play "Springtime To Hitler" is woefully slow, but the play within the movie is unexpectedly spectacular, with dancers dressed up in uniforms. At the last minute, the lead actor who was to play Hitler, broke his leg and the role went to the gay director, who brought the house down with his portrayal of the Nazi leader as a flaming homosexual. What should have been a complete flop ended up being a smash. The audience stopped leaving in outrage and were mesmerized by the campy production.

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Nathan Lane is excellent the high-enegry, manic producer, while Matt Broderick is alright as the reluctant co-producer. Will Ferrell is hysterical as the Nazi-wannabe playwright.

The audience, comprised of a lot of seniors, revelled in the film's inherent cheesiness, corny one-liners and the whole silly homo-erotisicsm flavour of the film.

I wouldn't see this again or recommend it for everyone.

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