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Israel to Destroy Iran's Nuclear Power Plants

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News/Comment; Posted on: 2004-02-19 18:58:58

US designs special jet to do the job

by Jeff Hook

JERUSALEM - The first two of a new fleet of the most advanced F-16 fighter jets landed Thursday at an airbase in southern Israel. The warplanes, the first of 102 to be paid for by U.S. taxpayers [at a cost of $45 million each], represent the Israel lobby's single most successful act of subversion in the history of the "Jewish State" - an incredible $4.5 billion dollar blood-suck. The U.S. created the F-16I specifically for the needs of the Israeli military. That is, to destroy Irans nuclear power generating plants.

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Although loaded with technical advances, the key modification consists of a pair of large external fuel tanks (see image) above the central fuselage, greatly extending the range of the jet. One senior air force officer hinted, "it can reach the capitals of all the countries in the region."

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The head of the Mossad intelligence agency recently identified Iran's nuclear power program as the top threat to Israel. "For all practical purposes this comes to defend against the threat from Iran," said Zeev Bonen, a military expert from Bar Ilan University.

Faced with a similar "threat," Israeli warplanes destroyed Iraq's only nuclear power generating plant in 1981, killing numerous civilian maintenance workers in the process. That operation required complicated midair refueling, endangering the lives of precious Jews. Because of its extended range, the new F-16 would not have that problem.

To prepare the public, Israeli military commanders have disclosed that a "pre-emptive strike" against Iran is in the works. "This is a step up in building the deterrent capabilities of the Israeli armed forces," Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz told reporters, just before pasting Jewish squadron decals onto the American jets - decals for the same squadron that bombed the Iraqi power plant in 1981.

The funding for the jets comes from American military aid to Israel. The manufacturer will be paid directly from the annual US military "grants" given to Israel, which this year alone stands at about $2.2 billion. In other words, the jets won't cost the Jews a penny. Despite this, every media outlet reporting on the event refers to it as a "deal" or a "sale" or a "purchase" - an outright lie.

Israel receives first long-range jets in its largest ever military deal

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A. Conformal Fuel Tanks
B. 600-gallon wing tanks
C. Landing gear
D. Radar
E. Targeting System
F. Navigation and Reconnaissance Pods
G. Cockpit
H. Dorsal Avionics Compartment
I. Engines

The F-16s are the backbone of the IAF, but these new "I" models will considerably boost the IAF's long-arm reach, enabling it to fly a round trip of 1,040 miles (1,640 kilometres).This extended flight range enables the IAF to attack targets well within Iran and Libya without having to refuel. The additional removable fuel tanks (CFT's) which it has for that purpose, do not affect the maneuverability.

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