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BC Magazine Provides Unique Service: Fully Edits and Mentors 1,700 Writer-Bloggers

BC Magazine Provides Unique Service: Fully Edits and Mentors 1,700

The blogosphere doubles in size with regularity, with some umpteen
millions of blogs now in existence. Anyone can clack away at a
keyboard, to echo Truman Capote's criticism of Jack Kerouac's
boastfulness of "spontaneous prose," but creating and crafting
entertaining, interesting, and compelling content is something that
is unique and truly special on the Internet.

BC Magazine (; the place
where 1,700 superior writer/bloggers come together to cover music,
film, books, TV, pop culture, politics, current events, sports,
gaming, and tech – prides itself on providing value for its
100,000 daily visitors. One of the ways it does this is by offering a
service that is singular and unique in the blogosphere: it fully edits
every story produced by its contributors. BC Magazine's writers find a
welcome community and editorial staff that mentors and works with them
to help improve their writing.

Can writer-bloggers find this kind of deal anywhere else, resulting
in a win-win for writers and readers alike? The short answer is:

In the words of BC Magazine's exceptional and exceptionally hard
working editorial staff:

Executive Editor Lisa McKay:
BC Magazine gives writers a place to express themselves while
finding a large reading audience. Helping writers find their voices
and hone their skills is enormously satisfying to me personally.
We've had the opportunity to watch many writers grow by leaps and
bounds over the months, and that really makes the work worthwhile. An
unexpected side benefit to editing is that it sharpens the editor's
writing skills, too, more than I expected.

Managing Editor Natalie Bennett:
One of the things that's great about working with BC Magazine's
writers is helping them to improve. Often they are already expert in
their particular subject or subjects, but they have to learn how to
share that expertise with the world in a way that the world can
understand their enthusiasm, and share it.

One minute I'll be looking at an article about the latest PS2 game,
the next minute exploring Canadian politics, then moving on to the
music of the Spanish Civil War. You never know what you'll find next
on BC Magazine.

Journalism used to be a closed shop. Usually, only people from a
certain background could get in. Now anyone, of any age and
background, can have their say on BC Magazine, with the benefit of
professional editors, and, sometimes at least, the whole world will

Editor Connie Phillips:
When I came to BC Magazine eighteen months ago, I perceived it as a
place where I could focus and fine-tune my own writing skills while
finding an audience for my work. I never imagined all of the
opportunities that would come my way because of it. The most
rewarding part has been joining the editorial team and being able to
help other writers' progress. I learn something everyday from my
fellow editors and the writers in this wonderful community.

Editor Christopher Rose:
Hooking up with the BC Magazine folks has been a blast! Not only have
they helped polish this erstwhile punk blogger into polished if not
yet literary coherence, they even let me work as an editor,/ /keeping
the entire comments area running smoothly /and/ helping other writers
develop their skills.

Editor Daniel Woolstencroft:
Whilst I've not been an editor with BC Magazine as long as some, the
time I have spent here has been incredibly satisfying for one
overriding reason: the people. It's the writers that really do it for
me. They all have their own stories, their own style, and their own
quirks. Every interaction reveals new details and unlocks emotions
and responses that I didn't expect when I took this role on.

I'm proud to be able to help the site, the writers, and the editing
team; sometimes it's good to give something back.

Editor Melita:
It's a real pleasure to see our contributors improve, who are so
enthusiastic about writing, polishing their skills, and gaining more
and more interest from readers. You can tell they're enjoying their
own progress too.

Editor TV and Film Guy:
The quantity of material that comes in on movies, television, and
DVD is just outstanding. There are different voices, different
opinions, and yet it all works together wonderfully to form a single,
cohesive whole. Not only have I had the opportunity to become a better
writer through my own work, but through seeing that of so many others
as well.

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