Sunday, June 03, 2007

Front Line Assembly, April 23, 2007, Pyramid Cabaret, Winnipeg


Openers were Synkro and Distorted Memory, a duo, were excellent with plenty of atmospheric techno meets growling vocals. Seems like an odd combination but it worked and it sounded really good. I tried to buy some of their CDs, but they were sold out at the merch table.

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Veterans Front Line Assembly came with an actual drummer and while louder, they didn't sound quite as good. FLA have two keyboardists, one vocalist, a guitarist and a drummer. Together, they make industrial-techno music, occasionally with some vicious, razor sharp and crunchy thrash metal guitar playing. The Metallica influence is everywhere.

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FLA have an enormous catalogue of material to select from, but even so, some of the tunes just seemed weak, definitely lacking the ability to impress. On the other hand, a minority of what they played was brilliant and well worth the $21 price of admission.

Most disappointing about the evening was the lack of people for what is surely one of the world's pre-eminent industrial techno bands. I would guess that there was less than 200 people there, maybe even less than 150. Okay, it was a Monday night, but still, FLA should draw about 2000 people in Winnipeg. They should be able to sell out the Burt easily.

I saw a 40-something couple from last Friday's Interpol show. There were some folks in their 50s and 40s but most of the fans appeared to be 20-something.

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