Wednesday, July 04, 2007

movie - Transformers

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Shot at 2007-07-03

2.5/5 for adults

I didn't grow up with Transformers, after my kid years, but I liked the concept.

This is a terrific film for kids but for older people, it's just eye candy and not much else. It could have been a better film, but to do so would ruin the fun aspect of it.

These are super-powerful robots, highly advanced. Man's major technological breakthroughs are a result of backwards engineering the centuries frozen Megatron.

Despite all this high tech power, modern military weapons can keep them at bay. Despite their fire power, they resort to robot "fisticuffs" to fight.

The ending made no sense to me. The Optimus robot wants to commit suicide by having the cube shoved inside of him to prevent Megatron from getting it. But.....
when you see what happens, it just doesn't make sense.

On the plus side, there's plenty of hilarious dialogue, especially with our hero's parents.

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