Sunday, January 20, 2008

film - Cloverfield

Cloverfield 3/5

I enjoyed this film, but since it doesn't follow a typical storyline formula, many will not like it. At the end of the screening that I took in, people were commenting on how it was not to their liking.

The film follows a group of people who were at a going away party, until what seemed like an earthquake hit Manhattan. One of them has a video camera and documents everything and provides the footage for the film, in a sense.

The film's first flaw is the use of these parasites that fall from the sloth-like Godzilla-sized creatures. The parasites are the size of large dogs and appear very spider like.

Visually, the film looks just like what you would expect it to look like if someone filmed everything on a hand-held camera. The footage will make you feel seasick or you will applaud it for being realistic. If you thought the shaky camera work from the Bourne Supremacy was extreme, this is more so.

The acting wasn't too bad but I don't think anyone will be up for an Oscar.

I would be surprised if this isn't the top film this weekend, but I don't think it will have legs. I'm giving the film 3 stars because they had the guts to try something different and while the results aren't hugely satisfying, it's still not a bad film. Just don't expect greatness.


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