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The Autobiography of Ben Linus - Introduction

March 14, 2008
The Autobiography of Ben Linus:
by Bus


You may not know it but I am one of the richest and most powerful men in the world. I am responsible for some well known, but also less well known technologies---some for military use. I believe I am one of the “good guys,” but I am also a liar, thief, and murderer. I have most importantly dedicated my life to saving the most remnarkab;e place in the world--- MY Island. I am also saving the last of an ancient and special race of people who are now safe in their Temple. It was all worth it, and I am determined to continue to fight those who want to destroy my true family.

It started when my father got a job on a beautiful island in the pacific. But at first it was not beautiful to me. My father taunted me--- not only blaming me for the death of my mother while she gave me birth, but also simply that he hated me (and himself) his entire life. I ended that life. It never occurred to me that I could be so powerful, but on the island anything can happen. I once left our protected cottages at a young age. . . and I actually saw my dead mother. She appeared to me and spoke to me. Was it a spirit, a ghost? Or was it an energy left by her in my body that manifested itself in front of me. Was I just crazy? These questions would soon no longer concern me as I would have a new purpose in life. When my mother appeared is when I realized the island was special, and that gradually, I learned that perhaps I was special too. I had found beauty.

I was soon befriended by an ancient race of miraculous people that have been on the island for thousands of years. They were quite interested that someone new to the island could feel its special affects. They adopted me and became my real family. They even accepted me with all of my faults. Believe it or not, some of those ancient people did not seem to age. But I did. The Ancients, as I call them, would never suffer from disease, and if they did get hurt their wounds would heal tremendously fast. I later would find that I would not be the only newcomer to the island with special gifts or what I would call that “special connection” to the island. One man was a paraplegic and the instant he hit (literally hit) the island, he could walk. One could see the future. There was a boy who could be in more than one place at a time. So many fantastic stories.

I will explain in future chapters how I took part in a movement that killed hundreds of the members of the DHARMA initiative, a subsidiary of a multi-national anti-moral economic machine that continues to be my sworn enemy---This was run by Charles Witmore. There was a reason I kill and still kill. DHARMA’s evil scientists studied these strange natives with these great powers like RATS. When there was some resistance, DHARMA conspired to murder all of them because of their own paranoid fears. I would not let that happen. I will further explain how I used what I basically stole to become the billionaire I am today. I used and continue to use the influence of wealth to not only protect what I have, but also my true family on the island. Oh, I have my problems, and all families have problems. I am selfish and really like to get my way. I’m greedy, but I don’t want others to see it. I do seek things sexual, but only on my private trips to Thailand. And I really hate it when strangers get in the way.

Is it technology governing the islands or the spirits—God--faith? Is it natural forces governing the islands or the spirits—God--faith? Were these “effects” created by DHARMA themselves? My belief, and it’s just a belief, is that the nature of the island gave man a way to use parts of his mind he never thought possible. Shoot, maybe the island itself is alive? In any case it is quite amazing because even the mind or spirit or energy of the dead can be alive on that island. Am I the crazy one? No. I have known many natives with amazing and intensely diverse powers. A bit of it was given to me and I am truly thankful. Whether it was really my mother or not did not matter because she gave me something my father never could, to feel loved by a new family.

DHARMA studied these phenomena, but I took it away from them--- I took their technology, what they discovered and thus, my money stems from them. I made it so no one but myself or my friends could come and go from the island. I tried to make it so the Ancients would never be bothered again. I tried to create a utopian society working on saving mankind. I wanted to help the infertile have children, so many things I’ve done and tried to do, but alas, there seems to be another mystery with the island. It not only can hide, but in can GRAB things. Boats, helicopters, planes--- once caught up in these strange forces, they crash here. Some live through it.

I am determined to keep the Ancients alive, to keep DHARMA away from the island. I am willing to die for it--- and kill for it. I am one of the good guys, after all.

Chapter One . . .

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