Friday, November 14, 2008

film - Quantum of Solace


This film is worthy of a 1/5 rating, but I'm in a generous mood, hence the two stars.

If you were trying to write a spy thriller from scratch, you likely wouldn't come up with a story like this one. It isn't particularly succinct or even compelling. This is quite surprising given that Paul Haggis, a well-known Canadian writer in Hollywood, had a hand in writing the screenplay. Haggis' film Crash was a big winner at the Oscars and the box office, a few years ago.

Bond fights like nobody's business and in that capacity, Daniel Craig is very watchable. Too bad he suffers from what appears to be a permanent bad hair day throughout the film. There are no cool gadgets, but lots of action with doesn't really help make this a film worthy of the Bond franchise. In fact, I'd say this is the worst of the Bond films. There a small homage to the Bond film Goldfinger, but it doesn't involve oil...

If you really must see this film., I'd suggest renting it instead of shelling out $10 or wait for it to appear in the cheap theatres.

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