Monday, May 10, 2010

Golfing Scotswood Links in Elm Creek, MB

We played Scotswood Links today, in Elm Creek.

The course was busy but fortunately, we never waited on the players in front of us and the groups behind us weren't waiting on us, much. We walked but I noticed a lot of people in power carts. The cost was $25, which makes it one of the best deals around. During the week, it's only $18 to walk 18 holes.

I was surprised by how much more grass this course had on it, compared to The Meadows. The fairways were quite green and with the exception of the second hole, the greens were in great shape. They did warn us ahead of time that the greens needed to be rolled, as they were a bit long, but it was a welcome relief to play on greens that actually had few dead spots. Putting was a bit tricky with the greens not being as smooth as they could be.

It was darn near a perfect day with no mosquitoes and little wind. It wasn't overly cool or warm, either, just the best golfing weather that we played in this year.

I also scored one of my better games this year. Unlike last year, most of my games this year have been under 100, which is a lot to hoot about when breaking 100 is usually a rare occurrence for me and the average golfer. One of the guys in our group broke 90 and beat me by four strokes but I tied for the lowest putts today. I also tied for the most pars.

The course is fairly wide open but there's a lot of water to land in for errant shots. There are tougher courses out there but we have always enjoyed the challenge of playing this one. It's not so tough that you don't see mom, dad and the kids out for a casual round. I did learn some things today about my swing, what works for me and what doesn't, without having to lose balls in the trees or water. Next up, Lake of the Sandhills, one of the "must-play" courses in Manitoba, in my humble opinion.

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