Thursday, August 12, 2004

Steinbach Fly-In Club

What makes this course a challenge is the water. Many of the holes have creeks that are dark enough to totally swallow up balls without any chance of getting them back. In one of the creeks, we saw an otter enjoying a swim.

The clubhouse is really nice and has a restaurant feel to it. When we arrived, we noticed they had a lunch buffet on. After the game, we stayed for a light dinner.

While there are no forests to lose your ball in, many of the fairways seem to favour a well-placed shot rather than a long one. The course is always busy, like most Winnipeg courses. Expect to play a round in 4 hours or more. The Fly-In Club is a fine golf course and we look forward to playing there again next year. Oh, I shot 49 on the front nine, with bogeys on most holes and 56 on the back nine, for a total of 104 - a few strokes worse than normal.

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