Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Upsetting news from the Canadian sports world...

Our Governor General is suggesting that we hold a hockey tournament between the Canadian and American US Women's Olypic teams, with the Stanley Cup as the prize.

What on earth was she thinking?!!!!!!! This has got to be the stupidiest, most patronizing idea I have heard of in a long time. She claims that the women don't have a cup. Well, why not donate one that they can call their own rather than suck up to them by using the Stanley Cup? Can we have a new GG, please?

The CBC has let go sportscaster Chris Cuthbert!!! Their excuse? There's not enough work. I cannot believe that they would let go this talented and popular veteran commentator. Has it occured to them that the hockey season is only half a year away? They also claim that he was mostly involved with CFL broadcasts. So why fire him? The CFL is not on strike. What makes me most annoyed about this firing is that there likely won't be the enormas public outcry to keep him like there was for Ron McLean of Hockey Night In Canada fame.

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