Wednesday, March 30, 2005

The Pope should retire when...

This Pope won't step down until he has died. Or, so he says. Fine. But they should have a policy in place to force Popes to retire when they become far less effective, due to a decline in health.

Some will say that this Pope is a HUGE inspiration since he soldiers on and clearly tries to give it his best shot. Others will say that he is no longer an effective communicator and despite the Vataican's attempts to make us think that he's getting better, he will never be the same again.

I would simply say that he is far less effective a communicator than he has been, and far less of a communicator than what they will look for in his replacement. What would happen if the Pope ended up like that Terry woman who is being starved to death? That they would do everything possible to keep him alive is obvious, but would they allow him to hold the position of Pope or would they retire him in favour of a new guy?

I would imagine they already have such rules in place, but are these rules privy to only certain Vatican elite and does every rank and file member of the Catholic church know what they are?

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