Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Jazz Winnipeg 2005 concerts

I've been a jazz fan since my late teens. The Jazz Winnipeg Festival actually started off in 1989, right in my office.

This year, I'm going to see:

1. June 22 - Terence Blanchard, trumpeter, with local guitarist Larry Roy opening.
Blanchard is one of the brightest stars who play the trumpet. In fact, I would rank him second only to Wynton Marsalis, at the moment. If you've seen the movie 'Mo Better Blues, you heard Blanchard in the soundtrack. Show opener Larry Roy is pretty much my favorite Winnipeg guitarist. His Roy/ Lerner album with Marilyn Lerner is one of the jazz CDs that I have listened to the most.

Terence Blanchard

2. June 25 - Dave Holland, bassist extraordinaire. He's had a long career and is one of most recognizeable names in jazz, having played with a ton of great players. Opening the show is soprano saxophonist James Carter. I'm not too familar with him.

3. June 23 - Drummer Roy Haynes is another big name who has played for about 50 years. This man is jazz history in the flesh, given all the stars he's played with. And he is a star in his own right. Ed Thigpen is another well-known, veteran drummer, with an equally long career. Guys like Haynes and Thigpen won't be around forever, and this is a rare opportunity to catch them both.

Roy Haynes

Ed Thigpen

Tickets are $39 per show, a bargain compared to what I paid for Green Day tix.

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