Sunday, July 17, 2005

Tiger Woods wins the 134th British Open

So far this year, Tiger Woods has won the Masters for the third time, finished second in the US Open to New Zealand's Michael Campbell and has now won the British Open for the second time. He has also claimed the career grand slam for the second time. This means, he has won all four majors, twice, a feat previously held only by Jack Nicklaus.

Woods also held the lead for all four days, something no one has done for about thirty years.

The British Open was actually more enjoyable to watch than the US Open, since the greens were not like an upside down bowl, with balls falling off them.

Woods didn't play flawlessly, of course. Time and time again, he missed putts for birdie. However, he simply made less mistakes than anyone else.

This was also the farewell major tournament for Jack Nicklaus. He didn't make the cut to play on the weekend, but he is so famous, that he actually appears on some Scottish paper currency.

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