Tuesday, August 16, 2005

catching up with a cousin for the first time...

Yesterday, one of my uncles from Trinidad called me. We spoke briefly before I ended up chatting for a while with his 21 year-old son, for the first time. In this age of instant and relatively cheap communications, it's amazing how easy it is to not keep in touch with certain people. Out of site, out of mind, I supppose.

Turns out my cousin is trying to get into the IT field. He's certified in A+ and Network+ and is going for some other certifications.

Coconut trees in Mayaro.

Let's see if I can remember my cousins on my Dad's side:
Riaz, Tariq and Idris.
Ferraz, Fazee and Farah
and there's a few more whose names I can't remember. I really have to learn their names!

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