Friday, August 12, 2005

South Interlake Golf Course

Located about 20 minutes north of Winnipeg on highway 6, South Interlake Gof Course is a wide open course that can be very susceptible to the wind. It was windy today and my drives sliced more than usual and some of them ended up lost.

My most memorable shot was a short one from a sand trap. I gently lifted the ball out the sand with just enough height. I don't think I've hit such a good bunker shot in years. None of us putted well. The greens were fast. They also did not bite. One of our playing partners has a membership there and recommended that we land some of our approach shots before the green to allow the ball to run up. I did this on one hole and it worked just fine. I was quite surprised to see one of my high 9-iron approach shots hit the green and roll off.

I had one really good pitching wedge shot. I took a full swing and followed through properly, resulting in a high shot. Unfortunately, I was tentative with the wedge for most of the day and ended up skulling it several times.

My game was so bad that I shot 20 shots worse than last week's game. Such is golf. The cost for today's round was $25 to walk it.

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