Saturday, March 04, 2006

Film: 16 Blocks

2.5/ 5

Bruce Willis plays Jack Mosley, a tired old cop who has reluctantly accepted the task of transporting a prisoner (Eddie, played by Mos Def) to the courthouse to testify. He's told the prisoner is a nobody. Along the way, Jack stops off for some Advil and booze, and discovers that there's a team of guys trying to kill his prisoner, presumably to prevent him from testifying.

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He escapes to a small pub with Eddie and once the cops arrive, he realizes that Eddie is going to be killed by the cops since he saw another cop commit a crime. Eddie's testimony could bring down several dirty cops.

This is a fairly predictable buddy movie, with no truly outstanding performances, save for Willis'. A few of the scenes were far fetched, but allowed the story to progress along. Mos Def's Eddie character, a small-time thief with the goal of moving to Seattle to meet his long lost sister and become a baker, speaks with a very annoying whine. I'm not sure if this is Def's natural speaking voice but is was distracting. David Morse appears as the main bad cop but is absolutely without charisma whatsoever. He does a lousy job of portraying emotion and this deficit is quite noticeable next to the malleable Bruce Willis.

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