Friday, April 21, 2006

Movie - The Sentinel


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Two Secret Service agents who used to be best friends, are tied together with a failed assasination attempt on the President. Based on flimsy evidence, one gets accused of being in a plot to kill the President and he runs, in an attempt to unravel the plot on his own.

Kiefer Sutherland is the hothot investigator agent while Michael Douglas is the accused agent who is also having an unlikely affair with... Also stars Kim Basinger as the First Lady and Eva Longoria a rookie agent.

Story is built on weak premise, even though the book it is based on was written by a former Secret Service agent. You don't get a strong sense of the reasons to kill the Prez and there's not enough "gotcha" when they figure out who the mole is. This could have been a delicous thriller but instead it's half-baked Hollywood crap. In the closeups, Douglas looks every bit his 62 years,which seems too old for an agent. Basinger looks stunning at age 53 but she isn't given much of a role. She's also rumoured to be interested in joining 24. Longoria, 21, doesn't put in a memorable performance.

Is it meant to piggy back on the popularity of the popular show 24 , which also stars Sutherland? The Sentinel lacks the cleverness and pure adrenalin rush of the tv show. 3/5 OCH.

The best part of this film was seeing the trailer for Pathfinder.

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