Sunday, June 03, 2007

Riders on the Storm, May 9, 2007, Burton Cummings Theatre, Winnipeg


Lead singer Brett Scallions is no Jim Morrison, but he put a fair bit of effort into the show. Ray Manzarek and Robby Kreiger were the stars and they played like the masters they are. Krieger looked like a corpse and sounded like he had some kind of cerebal palsy when he introduced Manzarek, but he played the guitar beautifully.

This one young woman sitting near me brought a mirror and help it up as she bounded up and down, possibly hoping to be spotted from the stage. She looked like she would lose control of the thing, the size of a small dinner plate, and smack some guy on the head. Later, she strolled on stage and hugged the singer and dropped to her knees to simulate oral sex on him. At that point, she was escorted off the stage. She appeared again and this time, it appeared that she and her boyfriend were both thrown out.

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Prior to the headliners arriving on stage, a couple of seemingly teenage girls got up and danced like maniacs to the swing music, in front of the stage, at the left side. When they were finished, the audience actually applauded for the them! Towards the end of the show, one of them walked on stage, hugged the lead singer and was given his tamborine to play along with the band. She was kicked off the stage whenever she came into the view of the security, but so long as she bopped hidden behind some speakers, she was okay to be on the stage.

Highlights included LA Woman, Riders on the Storm and Light My Fire, all of which evolved into extended jams.

Openers Bangkok 5 (or something like that) from LA , came across as Aerosmith clones, but were very energetic and won the crowd over.
O Fortuna intro
Love Me Two Times
Break On Through
Strange Days
Roadhouse Blues
Waiting For The Sun
When The Music's Over
Spanish Caravan
Peace Frog/
Blue Sunday
Love Her Madly
Five To One
Touch Me
LA Woman

Riders on the Storm
Soul Kitchen
Light My Fire

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