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film - Knocked Up

Knocked Up 2.5/5

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I resisted seeing this film because I pretty much knew it what it would be like - a sweet film with some positive messages completely saturated with lowest common denominator dialogue and endless plays for cheap laughs with vulgarity. In other words, formulaic.

I was right.

She kept the baby. Positive message. The film wouldn't have been the same if there was an abortion.

She decided to give the broke, career-less overweight,slob with a genuine heart, a chance although he is way out of her league. Nice touch.

Part of me wonders if today's movie going audience would find the film just as good without the vulgarity and lowest common denominator language. Or would they find it boring? Like The 40 Year Old Virgin, there's such a flood of bad language that after a while it begins to lose its shock and "comedic" value. Makes me wish they just cut it out altogether to see what would happen to ticket sales.

It's easy to make a film like this. The laughs are not derived by cleverness or wit but through foul language, mostly.

The film is somewhat a fantasy for guys. If you've got a great heart but are not as handsome as she is beautiful, there still may be a chance for you, no small thanks to our friend alcohol. "Alcohol, the cause of and solution to, all of life's problems." - Homer Simpson.

The film is a hit so expect more of them same.

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