Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sick again, bad Rolling Stone Magazine, new computer desired.

I was just dying last Friday at work, going from feeling fine to knowing that a cold was on its way. I was sick on the weekend but still managed to make it out to an important meeting at the CLL. I made it into work on Monday to complete some timely paperwork to procure some printers, a new super-thin laptop (actually, the thinnest with an optical drive) and some A/V equipment. I still have to figure out some software purchases, more A/V ewquipment including a five-figure touch screen, more laptops, desktops and monitors, not to mention some very pricey graphic arts workstations.

I renewed my subscriptiion to Rolling Stone and was surprised to see that my last issue actually arrived last July! I can't believe that I hadn't noticed not receiving it, since it arrives every two weeks. What upset me about them is that on their checkout page for backissues, you can only select "United States" as the country for your address! This is crazy! They already charge a fortune to buy their issues, but not allowing Canadians to buy them is downright crazy. Needless to say, I e-mailed them to find out what is going on.

I spent part of my evening making inkjet labels for several CD-roms. I have a few different versions of Linux that I want to try. I downloaded screen shots and made really colorful labels from them. It's alot nicer than using a Sharpie. I now the next step is to use Lightscribe technology to draw a label directly on the surface of the label, or... get a printer that prints directly onto the surface of white discs. I have a Lightscribe burner at work but I haven't had the time to use its drawing feature.

My computer is showing its age. Even as I am typing this, it's taking a moment for the letters to appear on the screen. I could spend a lot on a custom PC and get one that has everything I want, or I could spend a lot less and get one that I need, but the latter wouldn't be as much fun. There are some technologies thatI really want but they may not show up until next year.

I ordered the new Whitley Striber book, The Grays whichi I will pick up later this week, along with the new Chris Rutkowski book about UFOs outside of Canada.

If I can find the time, I think I'm going to really use this blog as a record of what's new with me, rather than just a repository of articles that I have found to be interesting.


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