Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Three great resources for Linux noobs

Posted by Nanci Barthelmess on 18 March 2008 from I'm Just An Avatar - Nancy Barthelmess' Blog.

While checking out the Ubuntu Live Stats site the last few days I came across some pages with great info for people who are new to Linux as well as a great checklist of things to do when upgrading.

First off let’s start with one for the visual learners. The Lab Rats over at Ubuntu Video News have a great video introduction to Linux and Ubuntu. This isn’t the same as the Ubuntu Screencasts, as this video actually shows the two hosts who are giving you the introduction, as well as what’s on their notebook screens. If the video isn’t available when you try to watch it, please check back again later for it. It’s worth the wait.

Mackenzie Morgan also has a great tutorial that isn’t overwhelming for people who haven’t actually tried Linux. It’s called What’s this “Linux” thing and why should I try it? and it’s something I wish I had read when Peng got me to switch to Linux from WinXP. It would have helped me switch even sooner.(Matthew Helmke posted it to his blog, which is where I saw ithis.Sorry about the mistake, Mackenzie.)

And with Ubuntu Hardy about a month away there’s a list of ten things to do to help you make the upgrade to Hardy easier. I wonder if Peng knew about this when he made the upgrade last week?

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