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Canadian Members of Parliament Receive Award Winning UFO Film Documentary

April 6, 2008.

Canadian Members of Parliament Receive Award Winning UFO Film Documentary

Exopolitics Toronto, one of Canada's leading UFO research organizations, has taken dramatic and substantive political action to end the UFO cover-up. Each member of the Canadian Parliament has been provided with a copy of the full length feature film documentary ''Fastwalkers Congressional Update'' DVD, labeled "Top Secret". For the first time in Canadian history, elected officials will be able to personally view documented evidence that, when investigated by Parliament, will pave the way for a serious examination of the UFO matter. Providing Members of the Canadian Parliament with this remarkable documentary is the first stage in creating the political awareness necessary to stimulate Parliamentary acknowledgment and analysis of the public policy implications of the UFO matter. Responses by several MPs thus far indicate copies of the film documentary have been received favourably and are being reviewed with interest. Exopolitics Toronto officials continue to monitor how each Parliamentary Member will engage this matter.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada (PRWEB) April 6, 2008 -- Exopolitics Toronto announces that in cooperation with Executive Producer/Writer Robert D. Miles, the full length feature film documentary ''Fastwalkers Congressional Update'' DVD, labeled "Top Secret" has been delivered to all 308 members of the Canadian Parliament in Ottawa, Canada.

In addition, copies of this provocative documentary have been delivered to 30 selected members of the Canadian Senate, the Speaker of the House and the Parliamentary Library.

For the first time in Canadian political history it can be categorically stated that senior officials including the Prime Minister of Canada the Right Honourable Stephen Harper, all Cabinet Members, the Leader of the Opposition the Honourable Stéphaine Dion, Deputy Leader of the Opposition Michael Ignatieff, Jack Layton Leader of the NDP, Gilles Duceppe Leader of the Bloc Québécois and all other Members of Parliament now have in their possession documented evidence of the 60-year-old international UFO cover-up and the truth about an Extraterrestrial presence as manifested by the UFO phenomenon around the world.

The UFO cover-up is verified by testimony from military officials, airline pilots, researchers and accredited authors appearing in the Fastwalkers documentary. The Fastwalkers documentary cites classified and de-classified information such as memoranda, sighting and radar reports from deep intelligence agencies not only exist, but they validate and confirm the extent and composition of a cover-up about the presence of off-world civilizations as manifested by the UFO phenomenon.

The ''Fastwalkers Congressional Update DVD'' is a high definition "Director's Cut" of the original Fastwalkers Motion Picture that made its Canadian premier in Toronto Ontario Canada one year ago. The feature length documentary by the SAFESPACE NEWS AGENCY reveals the truth and discloses information the general public was never meant to know about the UFO cover-up. The documentary also provides Members of Parliament with remarkable UFO photos and footage that the public was never meant to see.

The term "Fastwalkers" is a code name for UFOs used by various government agencies worldwide to identify, report, and discuss objects of unknown origin under intelligent control that enter our atmosphere from outer space.

Film producer Robert Miles, states, "The American people, and all peoples of our world, have a right to know the truth about what has been covered up for over 60 years."

One of the many key witnesses who brings forward dramatic testimony in the Fastwalkers documentary is former U.S. Command Sergeant Major Robert O. Dean. Having served in Intelligence Field Operations and stationed at Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (S.H.A.P.E.), the military arm of NATO, Dean also held an elite Cosmic Top Secret clearance. These credentials and Dean's 14-year background as an emergency services manager with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for the Arizona Pima County Sheriff's Department, eminently qualify him to recount his direct experiences in matters relating to how the UFO cover-up has been initiated and sustained.

Robert Dean is one of the many high-level military officials having witnessed the de facto nature of the cover-up. He would be among the first witnesses our Parliamentary officials and media would want to interview about the UFO cover-up.

Further examination stemming from the Fastwalkers documentary will show that over 400 similar government, military, pilot, air traffic control and corporate witnesses are available and willing to give testimony, under oath, about their knowledge, observations or participation in the cover-up.

Exopolitics Toronto and its associated organizations believe there are several noteworthy reasons why the Fastwalker film documentary will be instrumental in initiating vital public policy discussions at the Parliamentary level that will unveil the unacknowledged global implications of the UFO issue and the associated cover-up.

The first and possibly most critical public policy issue is the UFO cover-up has enabled deep, compartmentalized information about radically new, limitless and non-polluting energy sources and propulsion systems to be segregated and sequestered by government intelligence agencies. No government over-sight of these unacknowledged compartmentalized special access projects exists.

The systems of energy and propulsion used by these craft of unknown origin have been secretly procured by special access projects and experimented upon. Dramatic results reveal that their eventual implementation will eliminate the need for fossil fuels on the planet. Given the high price and deleterious impact of oil on the environment and a global economy based on war and spiraling prices for goods and services, the secrecy surrounding the existence of these exotic forms of energy and propulsion is unacceptable. This is one of the key public policy implications Canadian political officials will need to assess once the Fastwalker documentary is viewed.

Furthermore, the associated technological breakthroughs in medicine, industry, transportation and environmental reclamation will alter and redefine the world's economic structure beyond that of any other breakthrough in human history. The medical and environmental implications alone of the cessation of the use of fossil fuels are utterly profound and immeasurable.

The relentless onslaught towards a $200.00 per barrel of oil must be arrested immediately by a full investigation and disclosure of the viable alternate energy sources mentioned above. The Fastwalker documentary more then attests to this.

Therefore it is imperative that before Parliament adjourns in June 2008, the Liberal Opposition, the NDP, the Bloc or an independent member immediately introduce a motion in the House of Commons to debate all UFO related energy issues amidst the current energy price increases and well in advance of the predicted increase to $1.30 per litre of gas that face the Canadian people this May or late April.

The Canadian public and indeed the world will praise the Canadian Parliament for bringing forward a public discussion about the existence of limitless, virtually free and non-polluting energy known about solely by special access projects.

A public yearning for energy solutions and economic relief from spiraling food costs can no longer endure the obvious silence and lack of knowledge among government officials and those in journalism about this facet of the UFO cover-up. The Fastwalker documentary provides the basic knowledge required to weigh the public policy implications of this global issue affecting each man, woman and child on the planet.

Secondly, the sustained inappropriate classification and high-levels of secrecy used to sequester information about an Extraterrestrial presence manifested by the UFO phenomenon is a crime against humanity and the democratic principles of constitutional governance and law.

It is clear that the massive preponderance of evidence in the Fastwalker documentary identifies a serious credibility problem for government officials who continue to ignore the evidential realities inherent in the data.

Furthermore, it is a recognized fact that in the absence of physical evidence, in a court of law, witness testimony is considered evidence. The legal standing and integrity of witness testimony must be respected. Therefore Members of Parliament have an ethical responsibility to assess first-hand evidence from military officials with top secret security clearance as well as commercial and military pilots from any country who can provide testimony.

Implicit in the fiduciary responsibilities of elected officials is the oversight of all governmental expenditures, projects and access to information that is lawfully the right of each citizen. The media must address the issue of unmonitored secrecy. A truth of this scope and global magnitude must not and cannot be withheld from the people or allowed to be managed by a small privileged few. This form of secrecy is yet another key public policy matter the Fastwalker documentary delineates for debate by Canadian MPs and Senators.

A third public policy issue is the complete liberation of information in the Fastwalker documentary and from other research sources on three tactical levels. Each tactical level will promote a public process of discussion, not only by Canada's Parliamentary officials but by the public, the media, and academic institutions and government/military employees as a multi-facetted approach to disclosure:

TACTICAL LEVEL ONE -- The establishment of governmental committees, hearings and sustained Parliamentary debate that acknowledges this matter is only a starting point. Academic, provincial, municipal and local working groups must be established to assess and collaborate on the articulation of public policy positions on the UFO matter across Canada;

TACTICAL LEVEL TWO -- The provision to introduce a clear process of amnesty to allow individuals in government, military and scientific communities to come forward to share knowledge that they have been pressured not to discuss. It is abundantly clear there are scores of people within the infra-structure of government and the military that are capable and willing to share their understandings of specific data and how it has been covered-up. These individuals must be enabled to tell their stories freely and without fear of reprisal;

TACTICAL LEVEL THREE -- A decision by the Canadian government to begin open public discussion of this matter will permit Canada to break ranks with the United States government self-imposed embargo of the truth for 60 years. This will strategically align Canada with France, the UK and Brazil as governments that have acknowledged the UFO matter and begun to release their UFO files to the public for discussion.

Fourthly, Exopolitics Toronto and its associated organizations call upon all members of the media to demand that answers and specific responses be given by the Prime Minister of Canada, Members of the Cabinet and all other members of the House of Commons as to their reaction to the evidence in the Fastwalkers documentary and to Canada's role in the cover-up. Politicians can no longer remain silent.

It is clear that a lack of knowledge or awareness of this cover-up by high-level government officials is neither acceptable nor justifiable in a democratic social order. The Canadian Parliament must publicly acknowledge the UFO matter. There is absolutely no rational reason why this issue and the overwhelming evidential material cannot be publicly or politically vetted.

Fifth, once having viewed the Fastwalker documentary, Members of Parliament in Canada will be in a well informed position to comply with United Nations Decision 33/426 of 1978 at the 87th plenary meeting of the General Assembly which stated, "The General Assembly invites interested Member States to take appropriate steps to coordinate on a national level scientific research and investigation into extraterrestrial life, including unidentified flying objects, and to inform the Secretary-General of the observations, research and evaluation of such activities."

U.N. Decision 33/426 also calls for: "Establishment of an agency or a department of the United Nations for undertaking, coordinating and disseminating the results of research into unidentified flying objects and related phenomena."

The Fastwalker DVD motion picture strategically positions Canadian politicians and diplomats to assume a proactive international leadership role with respect to U.N. Decision 33/426 to work with the United Nations to obtain full disclosure of the facts regarding UFOs and an Extraterrestrial presence on the planet.

In the Fastwalkers DVD package delivered to members of the Canadian government an explanatory letter was included. In addition to introducing each member to the film documentary, the letter invites Members of Parliament to participate in private and confidential briefings to expand upon the nuances of the evidential material in the possession of Exopolitics Toronto and in the Fastwalker documentary.

Exopolitics Toronto is also in possession of Canadian and American de-classified documents that clearly indicate and support the fact that language of a cover-up has been in place and carefully crafted by intelligence agencies for decades.

Given that Canadian Members of Parliament now possess this information, the pervasiveness and enormity of the de-classified status of the UFO cover-up has now breached the walls of the Canadian Parliament.

As well, the May 17th, 2007, briefing letter to the Governor General of Canada, Michaëlle Jean and her May 30, 2007, response demonstrate that all levels of the Canadian political system are now aware of the UFO/ET issue. The symbolic as well as the actual presence of evidence capable of ending the UFO/ET cover-up, now residing in the offices of each Canadian MP and the Governor General of Canada, represents a profoundly powerful harbinger of change.

Political action is now the next stage of engagement.

Members of the media, Senior Editors, news agencies, television and broadcast producers who wish to view the provocative Fastwalker film documentary, to speak with witnesses, obtain briefings on this matter or who may wish to examine documents are asked to contact Exopolitics Toronto.

To view the Trailer of the FASTWALKERS documentary visit:

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Victor Viggiani B.A. M.Ed.
Director of Media Relations
Exopolitics Toronto

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