Thursday, December 25, 2008

review - Guns'n'Roses - Chinese Democracy

This album has been several years in the making and cost millions of dollars to produce. It's easily the most anticipated album in years.

I haven't heard any of the unofficial tracks from this album that have apparently been all over the Internet for years now. My first exposure to the CD was when I popped into my car player a few days ago.

I've listened to it non-stop, to and from work, which is about 40 minutes each day, so I believe I have a good feel for the album.

Unfortunately, I'm not all that impressed with it. If this were an album by a new band, I don't believe it would get the positive attention its getting. It's essentially an Axl Rose solo album.

You could say the album has a variety of styles or you could say that it doesn't have a cohesive sound. I'm hearing Nine Inch Nails and nu metal influences, and with the Martin Luther King snippet, you would think Axl has been listening to U2.

I suspect when they (he) tours, the fans will be more into the Appetite material than anything from this album. Don't get me wrong, there are some decent tracks on here, but nothing that really sounds like the raw, rock and roll metal of their first album. Sure, I suppose Axl being a artist, didn't want to repeat the past, so he tried new things. I can respect that. But when I think of G'n'R, I think of no-holds barred rockin' metal, simple but effectively to the point.

I'll keep in listening to the album. It's growing on me.

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