Sunday, September 12, 2004

lucid dreaming to CBC Radio One

This morning, I listened to CBC Radio One's The Sunday Edition, a three hour "program of conversation, documentaries and music," according their website. Listening as I slept, I began to dream that I was watching one of the documentries as a film. This was a piece on early 60s rock'n'roll bands from Winnipeg, including Chad Allen, The Guess Who and Neil Young. In my dream, I was watching performances about two feet away from the stage. As the program announced names of players, I would see different people performing. It was absolutely amazing how quickly my mind conjured up moving images to keep pace with the radio show. At one point in the dream, believe it or not, I actually said to myself something along the lines of, "Hmm. I'll have to remember to write a review of this film for my web blog." Absolutely surreal. The dreams kept on with the next documentry, as well. It was truly like watching a movie.

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