Monday, September 06, 2004

September Long Weekend

There were really slim pickens at the theatre this week, so I decided not to review any new films.

I golfed the Portage Golf Course on Thursday. The folks there are really friendly, and the course was in good shape. The golf course in located on an island. On Sunday, I played the River Oaks Golf Course, but the course was water logged and I didn't have a great round. We played with this one guy who golfes about twice a year, but plays superbly. It's all in the swing.

My mouse took a turn for the worse and would not track well anymore, despite a good cleaning, on Saturday evening. I went to Future Shop, thinking that they would be the only place open. I decided to get a wireless optical mouse, but with a charging stand. FS were sold out but I made a trip to London Drugs in St Vital and was able to buy the Logitech MX700 model. It's nice not have a cord, but you have to remeber to put it back in its cradle when not in use to keep it fully charged.

This evening, I finished making the list of the changes for the 2nd PDF of the Sept CIPS Winnipeg Professional, our quarterly newsletter.

A few days ago, I received the new Longwave CD EP to review from You sign up to be a critic and then cross post reviews from your blog onto their site. If you join their Yahoo! mailing list, you can see their database of all their free items to review that publishers and record companies send them. The cost to be able to request items to review is only $10 US a year. I also requested and received "The IT Ethics Handbook" by Stephen Northcutt. I'll post the review in a couple of weeks. The book looks interesting as it discusses scenarios with moral dilemmas.

I watched a bit of the Labour Day Classic CFL game between The Bombers and The Saskatchewan Rough Riders. The Bombers won, giving Kevin Glenn a "W", finally. I had more interest watching the Deutsche Bank Championship golf tournament. Vijay Singh won, with playing partner Tiger Woods tying him and then losing by three strokes. Vijay is now ranked number 1 in the world, and deservedly so. I stumbled across what should be just a piece of trash television this past weekend - The Real Sex in the City, on Bravo. It's a weekly look at a a group of real women in New York, dubbed the Barracudas, and their dating exploits. I found it quite interesting, actually.

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