Sunday, October 17, 2004

2 or three shows at the West End Cultural Centre

I was talked into buying tickets to see Ron Sexsmith at the WECC. I haven't actually listened to his music, but one of friends likes him and really wants to go.

We also bought tickets to see The Rheostatics, one of Canada's best indie bands.

Here's a blub about them from the WECC website:
"The Rheostatics are well-known and much loved for their mesmerizing live show. Never ones to stick to the same staid set list, they treat their audiences to wildly unpredictable performances, showcasing their superb musicianship, stellar songwriting and wry wit onstage. Their sometimes two-and-a-half hour live shows are intense and powerful, managing to create an intimate setting even in the most unforgiving venues; sometimes doing acoustic numbers on the club floor among members of the audience. Sometimes mid-song, the arrangement is taken right out the door and unrecognizably manipulated and distorted, only to come back later, leaving audiences baffled.

Formed during the early eighties in their high school years in the Toronto suburb Etobicoke, the Rheostatics speak volumes to a generation who grew up with the collective Canadian suburban teenage-rock experience. Two decades, twelve albums (not to mention various solo projects by lead guitarist Martin Tielli and a growing library of books by rhythm guitarist/vocalist Dave Bidini) later, the Rheos are embarking on a tour in celebration of their latest release on True North Records. In the words of CBC Radio’s David Wisdom, “the Rheostatics are Canada’s best band. They should be pictured on the ten dollar bill.”"

We might also see The Bills, formerly known as the Bill Hilly Band.

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