Friday, October 15, 2004

book Rushing To Armageddon by Mel Hurtig

We were supposed to play the Falcon Lake Golf Course today, but there was no chance of that happening with the dreadful weather.

I visited McNally-Robinson to pick up the new issue of Uncut and ended up buying the following, as well:
*Rushing To Armageddon by Mel Hurtig, Sept. 2004.
*Global Rhythm Magazine,Nov. 2004
*Word,Sept. 2004
*New Musical Express,2 Oct. 2004

The Mel Hurtig book is about the weoponization of space and how Canada possible involvement in it. The four magazines all contain mixed CDs.

The Winnipeg premiere of "Women on Patrol" is tonight, with a free showing downtown. Ordinarilly, I would seriously consider going, but with the weather being so unpleaseant, I'm going to skip it. It will no doubt end on CBC Newsworld. The 54 minute documentry is about two Canadian female police officers in East Timor, who are on a UN mission to maintain law and order. They also act as mentors to help establish the local police service. After the film, Lloyd Axworthy and Gwynne Dywer are supposed to participate in a discussion. It would have been a great event to take in, and it's free.

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