Saturday, October 09, 2004

film: The Forgotten

The X-Files tv show dragged on too long before ending. This film is directed at those who just can't get enough of conspiracies.

Julianne Moore plays a mother and wife who discovers that all references to her child, are gone. Her child was apparently one of 6 children who died in a small plane crash 14 months before.

She appears to be unhinged. Each day she opens a draw to review memorbilia of her son. Soon, her world begins to crash all around her. Her shrink tries to convince her that she never actually had a son, but she had a miscarriage and has re-created the life of her child into a seemingly real memory. She meets her husband on the street and he has no idea who she is. He was never married and believes she has mistaken him for someone else. Is her whole life a lie?

Along the way, she encounters a familiar face at a playground. He initially believes that she is a complete stranger but eventually he ends up believing that he, too, had a daughter who died on the plane crash and that their children were once friends.

Soon, the NSA are involved and then things get far fetched.

There are a few scenes that will make you jump, but they are not particularly scary. The Forgotten is too full of plot holes to be anything other than your last choice at the video rental store.

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