Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Haircut 100 reunited on VH1

Up unitl this evening, I knew next to nothing about the 80s UK pop band, Haircut 100. All I knew about them was that they wore preppie outfits and had typical 80s pop band haircuts. They were never played on the radio stations that I listened to and as time passed, they became just another band that I wasn't interested in.

Drummer Blair Cunningham (left) ambushed by host Aamer Haleem.

On Much More Music this evening, I watched this show called VH1 Band United. This episode was about finding the members of Haircut 100, 22 years after they broke up. It was actually a lot of fun to watch the show's host travel all over England, staking out hiding spots behind corners and springing himself on the unsuspecting members who were asked to agree to attend a reunion and perform live. You would never guess that some of these guys were in a hot pop band. They seemed so domesticated. Two were balding. One looked like a businessman. Only the drummer looked funky and similar to his old self. You wonder how many bands get approached only to have key members say no to the reunion and have the entire show not make it to air.

After being ambushed and agreeing to the gig, each member sat down for an impromtu interview, often in their backyard, with the host. It was really interesting to hear tell similar stories about how the band broke up without having a formal chance to say goodbye to their fans. Lead singer Nick Heyward essentially ended up with nervous exhaustion and decided to quietly fade away, while the band continued on for a second album. The reunion concert took place at the end of June, 2004.

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