Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Patti Bouvier and Shrek - morally repugnant!

Patti Bouvier comes out of the closet.

Last Sunday, the Simpson's had one of their funniest and most controversial episodes. Marge's sister Patti came out of the closet and announced that she was getting married. Marge, until then, a champion of gay marriage, was taken aback big time and made out to be a liberal hypocrite. Beautiful stuff! I won't ruin the surprise for those of you haven't heard about this episode.

The Simpsons are still going strong, with tongue firmly planted in cheek.

Marge Simpson, left, sits on the couch with her sister Patti, far right,
and Patti's "girlfriend" in this scene from The Simpsons animated episode
There is Something About Marrying.

I haven't actually seen Shrek 2, but it is getting some bad press lately. Thank goodness for the morality police for pointing out the failings of this popular film.

"Shrek" is part of an evil transgender plot, religious right says
by John in DC - 2/22/2005 10:35:00 AM

And the gifts just keep on coming.


That other jolly green giant could be in trouble.

Shrek 2 is the latest animated film title to be "outed" by Christian fundamentalists in the U.S.

On its website the Traditional Values Coalition (news - web sites) is warning parents about the cross-dressing and transgender themes contained in the hit DreamWorks feature, now on DVD.

"Shrek 2 is billed as harmless entertainment but contains subtle sexual messages," says the coalition, which describes itself as a grassroots inter-denominational lobby with more than 43,000 member churches.

"Parents who are thinking about taking their children to see Shrek 2 may wish to consider the following."

The article then proceeds to describe one of the characters, an "evil" bartender (voiced by Larry King) who is a male-to-female transgender in transition and who expresses a sexual desire for Prince Charming.

In another identified scene, Shrek and Donkey need rescuing from a dungeon by Pinocchio and his nose, which is made to extend as an escape bridge by getting the wooden boy to lie about not wearing women's underwear.

The TVC report, A Gender Identity Disorder Goes Mainstream', raps DreamWorks for helping to promote crossdressing and transgenderism.

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