Friday, April 01, 2005

film - Frank Miller's Sin City

Frank Miller's Sin City 5/5

Dripping with a dark, gritty, sleazy and ultra-violent style, Sin City is a graphic novel adaptation that suceeds with its three stories that end up interwining.

Mickey Rourke looks like a cross between Kurt Douglas and Flattop from the Dick Tracy movie, with his elongated chin and scared, beaten up face. There's a killer on the loose who eats hookers and fights like a floating Ninja. And he looks like a bookworm nerd.

Staring a multitude of Hollywood's brightest stars, including Benicio Del Toro, Clive Owen (both of who drop their accents), Bruce Willis (who is supposed to be almost 60 in the film but appears a Die Hard-40 something, an angelic Jessica Alba, Britany Murphy and Michael Madsen, among others. Rutger Hauer almost appears Lecter-like. I was just waiting for him to snarl.

While seeming to be deadly serious, the film is filled with hilarious dialogue. Quentin Tarantino also directs a portion of the film, and I can see Sin City going over well with Kill Bill fans.
There are no dead parts in the film. You are compelled to watch to sort out the ever unfolding story.

Frank Miller was a red hot artist back in the 80s when I began collecting Daredevil comic books. Unlike the wooden Daredevil film, however, Sin City is a burns with a bright flame where the sun literally doesn't shine.

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