Saturday, May 21, 2005

film review - The Revenge of the Sith


It's kind of sad to see this series come to an end on the big screen. Some loose ends were tied up.

The animation was dizzying and dazzling. We finally understand why Anakin moved to the Dark Side. Also, we see how the Clones end up as bad guys. So much of it, if you think about it, doesn't make sense. Take the early scene with the star ships duking it out cannon to cannon like how it was in the old old days. One-man fighters, which clearly look like x-wing and tie-fighter, fly seemingly random in clouds around the ships. The volley of fire is so intense that none of it looks like a discernable battle.

Anakin is portrayed as a brooding young man, desperate to exercise his judgement and earn the respect of the established but less naturally talented Jedis.

We also see the "origin" of the Empire's Chancellor, the scraggly looking guy in the cloak who wields lighting-type power to zap his foes! Natalie Portman was absolutely useless.

Hayden Christensen was grim but seemingly flat, not complex enough. The relationship between the two just didn't have the fire that you would expect. He looked too short to become Darth Vader, until you consider that Vader's legs are mechanical.

Natalie Portman was absolutely useless. I didn't buy the romace between her and Christensen, although he was better this time around.

R2D2 is once again, herioc beyond what we saw in the first few films. Watch him toast a couple of bad bots.

General Grevious has a few organs but is mostly metal skeleton and reminded me of the Terminator.

I found this film very enjoyable, but I can see some people disliking it. It is better than Episodes 1 and 2, IMHO.

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