Sunday, May 01, 2005

first golfing rounds of the year

Well, the weather warmed up a few weeks ago enough for my intrepid friends and I to make our way out for some golf.

John Blumberg, Friday, April 15.
Triniman: 112
Norm: 110
Ken: 109
Bob: 103

No great scores, but not bad considering it was the first game of the year for most of us. It was a almost a perfect day, with just a tad too much wind on some holes. On the trecherous # 14, I teed off with a five -iron and landed short of the elevated green in three shots. I ended up with a six. The course was also very crowded that day, which was no surprise since it had only been open for a week and a lot of people wanted to play. I putted aggressively and sank a few 8-footers that I would normally leave short. I lost two balls, one in the fairway, in a large puddle of water. The other was my tee shot from the second hole. It was slicing to the right and was carried away big time by the wind across the road to the soccess complex parking lot. That was a new Strata and I was so tempted to look for it on my way out. I'm disappointed by the lack of photos of this course on the 'Net.

Netley Creek, Friday, April 22.
Triniman 112

Netley Creek is a challenging course that is close to Winnipeg. It's about 25 minutes away from work, between highway 8 and 9, in Petersfield. The front nine was closed and the tempertature was only 7 celcius. Consquently, we were the only ones on the course for both rounds on the back 9. I wore a sweater and a jacket and felt totally comfortable. At no time did anyone feel cold. The 10th hole is a par 5. You tee off to a narrow opening, and uddenly you are in a valley with a creek in front of you and the elevated green about 150 yards awawy. During my second attempt at this hole, I managed to put a three wood shot over the creek and onto the fairway. It might have made the green, but it clipped a tree on the way there. With the rough composed of tons of dried up long grass, we usually found our errant balls, and many others.

I think I found about 30 balls that day. Most I wouldn't play, though. I can't wait to go back when all 18 holes are in play. The people who run the course are very friendly, in fact, I was treated to some free coffee in between our rounds. Never pass up this course on a 7 degree celcius day!

Scotswood Links, Elm Creek, Sunday, April 24.

For $22, this is quite possibly the least expensive course to play near Winnipeg. And, it one of the courses that we have played a lot over the years. The first few greens were in terrible shape. They were full of huge dead spots and the grass was long. This isn't oen of best kept courses around but it will get significantly better once the grass has had time to recover. Dwayne had a bad round. He was playing with PureSpin clubs, which have really thick graphite shafts. Mike was playing with his new set of Taylor Made clubs. This is the type of course where you assume you can break 90 but if you try to hard, you make mistakes that drive up your score quickly. It's deceptive and that's what I like about it. The clubhouse food is also reasonably priced and tasty.

Established in 1986, Scotswood attracts people from all over Manitoba. The challenging 18-hole course is affordable, has a driving range, practice green, Pro Shop & licensed restaurant. Men's & Ladies' nights are popular & teams compete weekly for 'top spot' in the league. Tournaments, power carts, & dinner can all be booked in advance. For more information, call 1 (204) 436-2600, or 1-888-600-GOLF (4653)

Overall, I have begun to putt with the intent of not leaving the ball short. My wedge shots around the greens have been really poor. I have definitely tried to let the irons fall by themselves, rather than force them down. The end result has been that I have been unexpectedly taking divots with the irons and leaving my shots short. It still feels better than, though, than trying to swing aggressively. And, my new Sun Mountain Speed Cart IV has worked out very well. It's fun to use and I look forward to a lot of walking this summer.

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