Sunday, May 08, 2005

golf - Teulon May 5, 2005

Teulon is located north of Winnipeg, straight up Route 90, which turns into Highway 7. Being less than an hour away from the city, they get a lot of golfers from the city.

I shot 104, Norm 105 and Ken something close to 120. Ken had a 16 on the last hole. We all had three pars and I am happy to say that I pared two par 5s. On both holes, I followed up long drives with pretty good 3-wood shots. Another triumph, one-putting holes 3, 4 and 5. This is something that I have rarely done. The low points were actually on the par 3s. We typically shot 5 or worse on the par 3s. Take away a few horrible shots and I would have broken 100.

It was a really nice day, with virtually no mosquitoes around and no one in back or in front of us - just the way I like it.

On one par 5, I noticed a culvert in the middle of the fairway with minnows swimming it the ditch. There was no pond of water for hundreds of yards in any direction, so it was amazing to see these fish out in the middle of nowhere.

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