Thursday, July 28, 2005

Bad Album Covers

These are really funny! From the Boston Globe.

Oh, the trainwreck that is 1970s and '80s fashion! If you're looking for some prime examples, check out our recent collection of truly awful album covers.

Not winning any fans in the PETA organization, the boys from Manowar use the pelts of various woodland creatures for their attire on their anthology’s cover. Apparently the animals were in short supply.
(Text by Ian Rider / Correspondent)

by Request Only

Meet Ken: The poster boy for 1970s sultry style; complete with semi-handle bar mustache, rock-hard helmet hair, and polyester safari suit.

For this 1981 album cover, The Village peeps wanted to show the fans their off-the-job wear. No cops or construction men here: Leather pants, make up, and the Flock of Seagulls haircuts seemed to be the order of the day.

Gracias Por La Musica

Oh, those Swedes and their pastels! For this Spanish language album, ABBA sports their zipper-laden pastel body suits. Benny, the fashionable one, is really working the Star-Trek moonboots and chest hair undershirt.

Live at the Pavilion Theatre-Glasgow

Mike Terry at the piano, looking "Goldmember"-esque in his shimmering purple sequined ensemble, bright orange hair, and pasty skin.

The Miracle

It's a miracle that they sold any albums after this cover.

The Music of James Last

Take it easy Jimmy! Could this album cover make you feel any more uncomfortable? We hope the photo shoot didn’t LAST, for the girls’ sake.

The Many Facets of Roger

Roger’s many facets include kickin' afro, his ridiculous blue suit, and his seemingly endless supply of facial expressions and hand gestures.

At Play with the Playmates

Nice scooter. That's really all we could come up with for this one.

Jim Post
I love my life

Clearly, Jim loves his life. Can you see the love and happiness in his warm, welcoming gaze...can you?

Devastatin' Dave
The Turntable Slave

Devastatin’ Dave, the Soul-Glo slave! Dave rocks the Gheri-curled mullet and the Brett Hart shades on this album cover for his single “Zip Zap Rap.” The two-fingered point lets us all know that Manny Ramirez is a fan.

Por Primera Vez

Ai Papi! Muchachos and muchachas we give you Tino, sporting the striped socks, skin-tight shirt, and shorts so short they make John Stockton blush.

Country Church

Country, Church, and good music. Goes together like turtlenecks, tight tanktops, and plaid pants. This photo is like an old TV show waiting to happen. Wait, was this an old TV show?

Happiness with Ron Johnson

A little something that all of the ladies in the early 1960s were searching for.

Freddie Gage
All My Friends Are Dead

Freddie’s albums are great for parties, holidays, or office get-togethers. An all around good time for the whole family.

John Bult
Julie’s Sixteenth Birthday

Before R. Kelly….Before Michael Jackson….There was….JOHN BULT!

The World of Laverne Tripp

It is Laverne’s world and we are all just living in it folks. Just be glad you're not living in the northeastern region of South America.

Butch Yelton and Upbound-Swing that Gospel Axe

These five country folks are going to heaven and they are taking no prisoners!

Crying Demons
Amazing recordings of demons speaking through the people who are posessed by them

Crying Demons are DY-NO MIIITE.

Mike Adkins
Thank You For The Dove

You’re Welcome!. (No Mike Adkins were hurt during the shooting of this album cover.)

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