Saturday, July 30, 2005

review - Stealth

3.5 /5

On one hand, this film is derivative, far fetched and formulaic. There's very little intrigue. The dialogue is corny. On the other hand, I found it very entertaining. It's action packed, fast-paced and just plain fun.

Over 400 US Navy pilots apply to be part of a new program with an advanced super fighter. Three get accepted. They bond as a team and later on, they are joined by a computer-piloted fighter, who is programmed to learn tactics from the team. It appears out of nowhere on a moonlit night like the Batplane. Later, it gets hits by lighting and begins to not follow orders...

Jamie Foxx, Josh Lucas (who looks like a young Kevin Costner) and Jessica Biel are our heroes and this film rates a 5 /5 for overall cast hotness, thanks to most of the scenes that Biel is in.

In some ways, it's not as bad as the previews hinted. It's bound to bomb badly as there were less than 50 people at the late showing.

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