Wednesday, August 03, 2005

film - Wedding Crashers

2.5 /5

The premise is very funny...guys who crash weddings to have fun and meet girls. Women love them, guys want to be like them.

You know these guys will have to be taught lessons and change their ways, but how well the it's done determines how good a film this least, that was my criteria.

I totally didn't buy the relationship between Vince Vaughn's character, Jeremy, and the young psycho chick.

It was also hard to believe that the normal chick would want to be with the Owen Wilson character, John, at the outset of the trip to the family vacation mansion.

I didn't buy that confession scene with Father O'Neil and his spilling of the beans.

Let's see now...they are using phony names and mention they are from a phony company. And this gives the private dick friend of the dough head boyfriend enough to figure out their real names and their modus operandi? Ah, no.

On the plus side, Rachel McAdams was very good as someone engaged but secretly, very reluctantly so, to a dough head from one of the "right" business families. Isla Fisher, last seen in I Heart Huckabees as Heather, is excellent as the young pyscho chick. Chris Walken and Jane Seymour were fine. Vaughn and Wilson make a good comedy team. They are superb to watch as they fake their way through one wedding and reception after another. They have it down to a science.

The friends I saw with this agreed that it wasn't the great comedy we were hoping it would be. It's really a lowest common denominator "guy" comedy.

It's silly fun and I'm glad I saw it, but don't expect real greatness here.

Winnipeg's own Weakerthan's open the closing credits with "Aside" from Left and Leaving.

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