Sunday, August 07, 2005

waxing again with Eagle One Nanowax

I ran out of my beloved Zaino Z2 Show Car Polish recently and decided to wax the car with what I had on hand, Eagle One Nanowax, from this spring.

Eagle One recommends you squirt out dime-sized portions of the wax, but it's very apparent that you need a lot of it to do the whole car. And it takes some elbow grease to apply it. The Zaino polish, on the other hand, goes on in easily in a very thin layer. It takes only 2 oz. Since it is so thin, it also comes off easier than just about anything else I've used.

After removing the Nanowax, I hosed down the car and removed the water with the chamois. You need to do this since removing the wax leaves so much dusty residue.

Z-2 PRO Show Car Polish for Clear Coated Car Finishes

The car looks nice now, but I'm going to order some more Zaino products in anticipation of waxing the car again once or twice before the snow falls.

I still cannot believe the number of car enthusiasts and industry people I come across who know nothing about Zaino products.

Here's a testimonial from the Zaino website.


As I left work and went to my car I noticed something sitting near the rear quarter panel. As I walked closer to my car I saw it was a goose and it was acting strangely. I wasn't sure if it was sick or injured so I moved in for a closer look.

Upon closer inspection I saw that the goose was just sitting there snuggling with the reflection in the quarter panel. He/she was in love. As I went to get in my car the goose was alarmed, stood up and started to peck at the reflection quarter panel.

I tried to get the goose away from my car but it refused to leave and just hissed at me and kept pecking the car. So I got in and drove away leaving the poor goose with a broken heart.

The amazing part about this story is that my car had not been washed in about a month and had not been Zainoed since last year. The shine is incredible and the durability is even more incredible.

Brian C.

Ehow's Automotive section.

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