Friday, August 05, 2005

best round of golf this year - Scotswood Links, Elm Creek

I wasn't planning on golfing today, but a friend called me up and asked to play a round. I called one of my regulars and the three of us played Elm Creek today. It turned out to be around 30 celcius, but I drank a lot of water.

Last week, I shot 90 at Sandy Hook. Today, I shot 88. I drove the ball really well. I often one-putted. I really took my time and just putted better than normal. By and large, the course was in good shape. To walk 18 holes for $15, you simply can't beat the price. I didn't have as much luck with my approach shots hitting greens in regulation. And my three-wood tended to slice everything big time today. But, I made up for it and shot bogey after bogey, often missing par by a hair. It felt really good to play without any major screw ups.

Make no mistake, Scotswood Links is a fine golf course. It's not as tough as Pinawa, Morden, Bridges or Kingswood, but it has some challenge to it. It's a perenial favorite of mine, and about 40 minutes away from the City on highway 2, 15 minutes past Bridges.

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