Thursday, August 18, 2005

Windsor Park Golf Course - my best round ever!

Today, I took the afternoon to play the Windsor Park Golf Course with three of my co-workers. This is one of the easiest courses in town due to its short length, but we played it since it is located not too far from one of my co-workers.

I ended up shooting 41 and 44 for 85, my best round of golf ever. I should really always break 90 on this course, since it is fairly short. I putted fairly well. I mostly drove the ball well. Once again, my approach shots to the green with the pitching wedge, were really lousy. I simply don't get under the ball as well as I should.

Everyone agreed that the shot of the day came on the 12th hole. The ideal drive is with about 150 yards, to the 150 yard marker. From there, you will have a clear shot to the elevated green. I duffed my 5-iron drive and landed it on the side of hill. I was about 160 yards away, but my side hill shot flew high and straight at the green. It landed less than ten feet from the hole. I just barely missed getting a birdie.

The first hole was a huge surprise. There is a temporary green that you can see from the tee box, but you can't see how flood damaged the fairway was. It looked like most of the grass had been scrapped away. I'm not sure I would have played this course if I knew the first hole was so damaged. The other holes were in fairly good shape. Yesterday, we thought it was supposed to rain all afternoon, but it didn't rain at all on us. However, it was really humid. We would have welcomed cooler weather. The cost to walk 18 holes was $24.

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