Friday, January 27, 2006

Film Review - Matador


Oh, so awful. I should have known better.

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Pierce Brosnan is Julian Noble, an expensive hitman who is experiencing panic attacks and is screwing up his assassinations. While in Mexico, he chances upon businessman Danny Wright (Greg Kinnear), who we later learn is anxious about losing a deal to a competing company. Brosnan goes out of his way to make friends with Danny, in order to get his assistance in killing a target. His martini is shaken, not stirred and Bond-esque music sounds out as preludes to his kills...

It's unfortunate that Pierce Brosnan can't shake the spy/crafty bad guy image. The idea of a washed up hitman, with no real friends in the world, who tries to recruit help in bumping off people, is so incredibly lame.

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There is no real plot, no big twist. The small twist isn't all that interesting. It's absolutely pathetic to see a bankable star like Brosnan act in such junk, knowing that his fans from the Bond days will buy tickets. In reality, as huge a star as Pierce Brosnan was at his peak, he was never a superb actor. It's doubtful he has an Oscar nomination in him or even a Golden Globe.

Matador is not as fun as the inept "After The Sunset", which was really more of a travelogue for the Bahamas, but it is equally forgettable.

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