Sunday, September 02, 2007

film - Death Sentence

Death Sentence


It's a slow weekend at the movies.

A guy (played by KevinBacon) and his son stop at a gas station in a rough part of the city. There's a robbery and the son gets killed as part of a gang initiation ritual. You have to kill a random person to get into the gang.

At the trial, the guy says that he can't be positive that the gang member was the same guy who killed his son, so the guy gets off. He decides to track the kid down. Later one night, the comfronts the kid and the knife he brought ends up killiing the kid. The gang members figure out who the stranger in the suit was, who was outside the kid's apartment and they go after him and his family. Of course, you know who "wins" in the end.

It's an unrealistic revenge film with an average joe becoming a Rambo-like killing machine. Not a great film, but not much else was showing. On the plus side, George Wendt (Norm from Cheers) has a delicious supporting role as an illegal gun broker.

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