Sunday, September 26, 2004

Carman & Netley Creek Golf Courses

One of the first things anyone mentions when discussing the Carman Golf Course is what great shape it's in. It was in pretty good shape when we played it on Thursday, September 23. The last hole is a water hole with a dog leg to the hole, if you prefer not to aim for the green on your drive. I took aim and connected really well, but I ended up about thirty feet from the green. Had the ball's flight been straight, I might have greened it. Needless to say, most of my strokes that day were not as memorable. Many of the holes have mature trees without bush that you can lose your balls in. The folks running the proshop were kind enough to give all four of us of the discount from our coupons, although we only had two coupons. While not the most difficult course that we normally play, Carman is well-kept, close to the city (about an hour away) and fun to golf. It's a relief after playing tougher courses like Pinawa and Minnewasta in Morden. The clubhouse is really nice, too.

Today, I played the Netley Creek Golf Course for the third time this year. Located in Petersfield, Manitoba, the golf course is just less than an hour's drive from my home and is a course I really enjoying playing. The front nine is fairly wide open. The back nine is narrower and driving with an iron sometimes makes a lot of sense. Like most of the courses we played this year, Netley was full of standing water. I was quite distracted by the black flies and mosquitoes. This place is black fly heaven. I made a few poor shots and was reminded of the mistake that I was making by my playing partners. I did correct myself but golf is one of those games that you need to play a lot in order to eliminate bad habits.

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