Friday, October 01, 2004

2 Rounds at LaVerendrye Golf Course

Last year, I played three rounds of golf in the same day at La Verendrye golf course, located in La Broquerie, less than an hour from home and near Steinbach. Today, I played rounds on what was supposed to be our first snowfall this fall. I didn't snow, but it was around 1 degree celcius when we left town. The golf course was wet, cold and very windy. Consequently, we didn't play a stellar round, but all things considered, we did okay. When we teed off at 10 am, there were only 3 or 4 other golfers on the course. We used the coupon from the newspaper that gave us all the glf we wanted for $30 per person, powercart included. Surely, this is one of the best deals for Manitoba golfers. The course is fairly wide open, with some intimidating holes.

On the way home, I drove through Steinbach, which is home to the very fine Fly-In Club golf course. This course always seems packed. Although LaVerendrye is only about ten minutes away, it is usually not very busy at all. I sometimes wonder if their restaurant makes more money than the golf course. I also can't believe the number of people who live in Winnipeg but are unaware of this course.

LaVenrendrye's most famous hole is the par 6 number 17. It's long and wide but unless you hit three really long shots (and a great approach shot), you're going to take a lot of strokes to get to the green. When it's not wet, this is one of my favourite courses to play.

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